No7 Stay Perfect Mascara Review

I’m still trying to find my favourite Tubing mascara.

Whilst not wanting to wait for postage from Korea I remembered that No7 had one in their range. Naturally, it’s called Stay Perfect.

I also partly bought it because they had a fantastic offer on buy two products and get a face palette free. As I’m a sucker for face palettes, I knew I had to have it! I’ve just started using it and there’ll be a review coming very soon.

Anyway, back to the mascara and you can’t miss it in your make up bag.

While inoffensive, I wouldn’t exactly call No7’s styling modern. The gold packaging is nice enough though, and at £13 it’s not terribly expensive.

There’s always some sort of offer on at No7 though, so it’s very rare you actually have to pay full price for something there.

I have tried this before when it was originally released many years ago.

And as soon as I opened it up I remembered the brush that I absolutely love. I much prefer small, fine brushes like this. Less messy and perfect at getting even small bottom lashes.

Applying this is a dream, and super easy to do. Unlike other mascaras there’s no excess product on the brush and so I had no clumping on my lashes.

If you’re wanting a bold look though, this isn’t the mascara for you.

Unlike all the other tubing mascaras I’ve recently tried from Heimish, Etude House and Isehan. This is definitely more of a ‘natural’ look mascara. Which from memory, is possibly why I didn’t repurchase this the first time I used it all those years ago.

However, if it actually stuck around on my lashes all day, I might be able to forgive it.

Unfortunately it didn’t.

Within three hours of applying this, it started crumbling off my lashes. Every couple of hours I had to run off to the toilets to wipe away the black bits that were all over my face.

I found one day that I rubbed my eye and basically everything came off my lashes. I was really disappointed in the longevity of this. It didn’t smudge or give me panda eyes, but the amount of flaking was pretty ridiculous.

I used this for a week before running back to my Isehan mascara.

This will not be used again, and will never be repurchased. What a complete disappointment.