Purito Centella Green Level Buffet Serum Review

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about this when I purchased it.

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But, I’d been hearing good things about both Purito and Centella Asiatica and I needed a new serum, so I picked it up.

What does it do?

This product is great for calming irritated skin. Centella Asiatica is an antioxident with research to back it up. It also contains niacinamide that helps with any skin tone issues. Given my biggest skin complaints are redness and uneven skin tone I was keen to start using this.

When it comes to the other ingredients, this is unlikely to have something that will disagree with your skin. When put through COSDNA there’s very few flags at all. I don’t have sensitive skin and tend not to have many issues with skincare, but I always like to know what I’m putting on my face. There does look to be fragrance in here in the form of Bergamot and Lavender oil so just a watch out if you’re not good with natural fragrances.


I’ve been using this twice a day – AM and PM after my actives step. Recently I’ve seen a couple of articles stating that research has shown that Centella Asiatica works really well with Vitamin C but I’ve never used this without Vitamin C so can’t comment as to the reliability of that. However, I have been happy with the results when paired with the Vitamin C.

I’ve been using two pumps of this each time I apply. The pump feels a little cheap and I haven’t been getting loads out of each pump – hence using two each time. It’s a clear serum and it applies really well. It sinks in quickly, isn’t sticky and leaves no residue on my skin.

I’ve been using this consistently for a couple of months now and still have a couple of weeks left in the bottle.

At just £17.50 this is a really great value product. For that you get 60ml despite using twice daily, I’ve been impressed with how this has lasted me. My skin is in a really good place at the moment aside from a few spotty areas where my diet has been less than stellar recently.

It’s a great serum and a lovely addition to my routine and I’ll likely repurchase it. This is my second Purito purchase (see the review of the first here). I also have a third product from the brand to try – the Centella Asiatica Green Level Eye Cream* – review on that will come in 2020 as I still have another eye cream to try first.

Have you tried anything from Purito? Let me know your recommendations in the comments below!