Vertical Planning in the Hobonichi Weeks

I really do struggle with my Hobonichi Weeks sometimes.

I’ve used horizontal planners in the past (mainly the Filofax personal).

I generally enjoyed planning with a horizontal layout although the lack of lines used to bug me a lot. However, over time the trend seemed to move towards vertical planning and that’s how I did the bulk of my planning.

However, back in 2017 I picked up my first Hobonichi, a Weeks. As it’s too small to use for daily planning I’ve been using this as an everyday carry since then.

Some weeks I really enjoy planning in this, others I don’t touch it at all. I think it’s mainly the lack of lines on the left hand page that bothers me. My layouts just end up looking bad as I can’t write in a straight line. As it’s just to keep me on top of events and the such, as long as my monthly spread is up to date I don’t necessarily need to use my weekly pages.

Despite this, I do still want to plan in Weeks.

I’m dying to find a way to make the layout work for me. I’d love to have a more functional weekly on the go planner.

Recently, I’d seen a couple of people who had turned around the Weeks and were using the weekly spreads vertically. I created a simple sticker kit, and tried it out myself.

I loved this! Using the top for events and stickers and then using the bottom for all tasks worked perfectly. I was able to use the lines on the right hand page for the majority of my writing. Even on the left hand page I found it easier to write because the column was so narrow there wasn’t enough space for my writing to veer off too much.

Now this has got me wanting even more tiny stickers to use on the left hand page. I love how the two different pages allow me to combine functional planning with a more decorative side.

The next time I used this layout I added some washi for a less functional looking layout.

This week I actually used the Weeks as my only planner as I didn’t have chance to set up my Cousin that week. I was impressed with how much planning I managed to do in such a small weekly spread. The timings down the left are perfect for any weeks that are heavy with appointments and plans. With a small enough pen nib (I was using a fine Pilot Kakuno) you’ll be able to pack a lot into the left hand page.

I think I’ve finally found something that works me for me in my Weeks! If you’d like to give this a try this kit is available in the shop now!