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November Papergang Review

After a lengthy hiatus I decided to restart my Papergang subscription*.

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I loved the subscription but reached a point where I really needed to start working through all the stationery I had accumulated over the year or so I had the box.

The look of November’s box was so cute (it was a Hygge theme) and I’d worked through enough of my stash that I figured now was the time to re-sign up!

I really need to find something to do with this packaging. It’s far too cute to recycle!

It’s nice to see that they haven’t done away with the little leaflet that comes with the box that contains an interview with the designer. I love to have a little read about them and get a bit jealous of their skills!

The price has gone up from when I last subscribed, to £14 for the month to month (although it is cheaper if you subscribe for longer). However, for everything you get inside I still think it’s good value.

In November’s box I received:

  • Gift wrap and tags
  • Christmas cards
  • Coaster
  • To do notepad
  • Washi tape
  • Calendar postcard

Let’s talk about the main item first – the notepad

This is the quality that I’ve come to expect from Papergang. It’s recycled paper, A5 size and is a good thickness – this will last me ages. I love the design of this too, with a nice mix of things on the page and not just a massive to do list. The artwork is in the theme of the box and it’s just beautiful. This will be living on my desk throughout the festive season!

I didn’t really have much of a use for the calendar postcards when I previously subscribed. I like that they’ve removed the month from them now so there’s a bit more flexibility to them.

Next is probably my favourite item – the cards

The designs on these are so lovely I almost don’t want to use them – I want to display them on my wall instead! These cards are a super high quality. They’re made from thick textured card and come with recycled envelopes. My favourite is the sea lion balancing the presents and I already know who’ll be given that this festive season.

Sticking with the card/gift giving theme, we have some lovely gift wrapping goodies

This paper is a nice, thick, and recycled. Folded out it’s about the size of two A3 pieces of paper, so I think I’d struggle to wrap three gifts out of it. The foiled gift tags are lovely and whatever I don’t use with the wrapping paper, I’ll use on something else. Finally, I received gold washi tape which will go beautifully with the wrapping paper. It seems like a nice high quality washi and I’ll likely use this on all my gift wrapping this year.

Finally, onto the coaster

This may seem a bit random if you’re new to Papergang, but this is the second coaster I’ve had from them. It’s a standard cork bottomed coaster with the design of the month on it. It’s a lovely addition to a festive living room.

I’m really glad I signed back up to Papergang. This month was definitely worth it. It’s been so long since I’ve been signed up to a subscription box I’m really looking forward to having a nice surprise coming through the letterbox each month. Signing up with the monthly sub is only £14* including postage and I’d say this month has definitely been worth it.