Ad | Hobonichi Weeks Set Up [2020 Planners]

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Planner set up posts are some of my favourite posts to write.

There’s some exciting about a fresh planner. Even though I can use some of my 2020 planners now, I like to wait January 1st as I love that feeling of a fresh start.

Today I’m sharing my first 2020 Weeks set up (I have two for 2020) and this is another post in conjunction with Etsy. I had great fun scouring Etsy for goodies to set up my new planner with! 

The planner

Out of the two Weeks I purchased for 2020, I’m choosing to use the Penguin one for this set up. This planner is going to be my bullet journal essentially. I’m going to be using it to roughly plan each week (something you’ll have seen that I’ve recently started doing if you follow me on IG) and also do my budget planning in. I find having a Weeks where I do a brain dump and some forward planning each week has been super useful. There is a post coming soon taking you through how I do that.

I’ll also be using this to do some simple health and fitness tracking. 

Planned pens for this planner are a Frixion 0.38* – a fantastic erasable pen that works brilliantly on stickers and my Kaweco Sport – one of my favourite fountain pens and a perfect nib size for the Weeks.

I love the Frixion and the Moomin design is super cute however this is definitely thicker than my other 0.38 Frixion pens. I’d say this writes more like a 0.5mm. I also bought this in a mint blue colour and once I got it set up I decided to use that colour instead of the pink.

The cover

Purchasing a planner cover is a big decision. I think I spent longer on this, and selecting the cover for my Cousin than I did on actually choosing my planners for 2020! As I went for a leather cover on my Cousin, I  went for cork for the Weeks. 

I’ve been eyeing up cork planner covers for a while and figured now was the time to take the plunge. It was purchased from a shop called Da Casca* and I was really impressed with it. The natural colour cover feels soft, well made and is lined with felt. It also arrived quickly and packaged beautifully, with a free string bookmark. 

This is a lovely cover idea if you’re vegan, or if you just want something a little bit different. I love this so much, I’m debating purchasing an A5 one* for my Leuchtturm!

The set up

I’m not big on having lots of pockets filled with decoration, and that’s part of the reason I liked this cover so much. Opening up the cover, there’s just pockets front and back for slipping the Hobonichi into. 

I added a little decoration to the inside cover in the form of a vinyl decal. I also added a strip of Coco Fusen tabs*, as these are super handy for marking page. These are used in all my planners. For more sticky notes, I added in these Midori ones. These are the perfect size* for marking future plans on my monthly pages.

Completing the front is an Oli Clip*. I’m not a big fan of paperclips, but I like using an Oli Clip to the first page of the planner that will be used. In my 2020 Weeks, it’ll be the yearly overview pages.

I didn’t use these pages at all for the past two years. However, this year I’m going to use these pages to track my holiday with work. I created some stickers for these pages and added a box at the bottom which I’ll be using for making a note of my holiday allowance. My holiday year runs to March so I’ve written in what I’ll have left as of the 1st Jan, and my holiday entitlement when it starts fresh again in March.

Then, I’ll simply highlight the days I’ve used holiday. I’ll also highlight the Bank Holidays in a different colour, but that doesn’t affect my entitlement (you’ll see Jan 1st is highlighted).

Next, is my year at a glance, which I use a Coco Fusen tab to mark. 

This will be used to track my weight each day. I made some good progress in 2019 with my health and fitness, but there’s a lot more I can do in 2020.

Next, we go into my monthly pages. These will be used for general planning and fitness tracking. Here is where I’ll be logging every time I exercise. 

Now is a good time to talk tabs. This year I tried some holographic ones* and while I love how they look, I definitely messed up application! Despite that, I still love them. They add a nice bit of colour and sparkle to quite a neutral set up.

Next up, my weekly pages. 

I stocked up on kits at the same as purchasing the items for this set up. This will be used for bullet journaling, forward planning and a brain dump. However, I still wanted some kits for when I want the week to look pretty. I purchased kits from Ginger Cat Co*, Paperkay*, Isabelle the Owl* and Hello Petite Paper*.

Finally, the note pages. 

These will be used in the same way as 2019. They’ll be used for budget planning and financial tracking.

In the back pages, I made a slight error!

I used the sticky pocket that came with the Weeks, on the back cover. Then I realised it would be going into the pocket and so would be unusable. I took the sticky pocket from my other Weeks for next year and used that on the back page. These will be used for my washi card. I don’t use huge amounts of washi, but I like having a card to hand with some of my favourites. I then just slipped the kit that I started using in the back cover, and the set up was complete.

If you saw my Weeks sets up posts from last year, you’ll see this is slightly different.

Last year I had three Weeks. The first was an EDC, the second for health and fitness and the final was for work.

This year my EDC will be an A6 Avec. This will be used for basic monthly planning, with the daily pages used more as a notebook.

Health and fitness has stayed in my Weeks, and merged with budget planning and bullet journalling.

Finally, for work, I’ve decided to use a Bullet Journal instead. I’ve recently changed jobs and have been finding that the Weeks just doesn’t work for me anymore. 

As mentioned earlier, I have two Weeks for 2020. The second one will be used purely for meal planning. This might seem an excessive use for a relatively expensive planner, but the weekly layout is just perfect for meal planning.

Are you planning to use a Weeks for 2020?