May Coop Raw Eye Contour Review

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I’m back today with what feels like my first beauty review in ages.

Lately I’ve been purchasing a lot less beauty products. Actually, I feel like I’ve been buying less in general. When it comes to my make up and skincare, I’m happy with the majority of it and don’t wish to spend lots of time and money trying new things that may or may not work better.

One exception to this is eye cream.

I’m still on the search for the holy grail eye cream. The item that will clear up my dark circles and get rid of my dryness, meaning I can apply make up and not have it look horrible.

I’m not naive enough to think I’ll find an eye cream that will fix my dark circles, but one that will help the dryness around my eyes will be enough for me. Enter, May Coop Raw Eye Contour*. 

I came across this on sale a few months back and while I hadn’t heard loads about this eye cream, I had heard good things about the brand.

It’s probably the most expensive eye cream I’ve ever bought but after trying many cheap eye creams, I needed to try something new. This cream claims to focus on my two biggest concerns – anti-ageing and dark circles.

The packaging on this is nice, but unnecessary. 

I don’t really need my skincare to come in little cotton bags, it’s a waste.


I got at least three months out of this 20ml jar. This was used twice a day, every day. Sometimes I probably used more than I needed to, due to it being a pot rather than a tube you can just squeeze a small amount out of. If I remember correctly, I think it came with a little spatula but I hate using those. I only ever use clean hands to get the product out, so I wasn’t worried about hygiene using this.

The cream itself was thick and had a nice, comforting scent to it. It wasn’t overpowering though, and I couldn’t smell it on my skin. 

It soaked into the skin pretty nicely and I only really had issues when I used a little too much. At no point did it ever drag on my skin though. It struck a good balance between oily and sticky.


For the first time in a long time, I could see a difference in my make up. The concealer has been visibly folding less during the day under my eyes. Eye make up application is a lot smoother when using this. The area around my eyes isn’t completely dryness free but this is the best results I’ve ever got from an eye cream. Have I seen a difference to my dark circles? Probably not a huge difference. However, if I can at least cover them up with no issues, then I’m happy.

I wasn’t a fan of the excess packaging, but the glass jar is a really welcome change from plastic for my skincare. Once I finish my next eye cream (the Purito* one in the main image, that I purchased at the same time) I will definitely be going to repurchase the May Coop*. I’m also still in search of the perfect night cream, so I may pick up a bit more from the range.