Latest Etsy Planner Sticker Purchases!

It’s been so long since I did a sticker shop haul post!

This post contains previously gifted items from Etsy. Affiliate links are marked with a *.

I’ve successfully got through some of my sticker stash and so it was about time I did some orders to replenish my stocks. Alongside stocking up on functionals, I actually purchased some Hobonichi Weeks kits. Before, I’d been exclusively using my own kits in my Hobo Weeks.

One of my favouite sticker shops – Sugarloop

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll know I love Sugarloop*. Her functional watercolour stickers are in beautiful colour palettes and always look great in my Hobonichi. My favourites are the flag/banner stickers. I love to use these in kit-free weeks in my Cousin for a bit of colour. I mainly use them to mark events and appointments.I particularly liked the chequered flags* as they’ll be perfect for marking F1 races when the new season starts. I also love the ‘blog’ flags* to highlight when blog posts are going live.

The little bag of freebies I get each time I place an order are also fantastic, with a great range of different stickers to try!

A new favourite – Strawberry Sticker Co

I recently discovered this UK shop* and their high quality stickers. These are all new sheets for me. I adore the little bunny mascot and so had to have the Instagram stickers. The square boxes* are mainly for use in my Weeks to highlight plans or events when I’m not using kits. The sticker paper is really nice to write on and suits most pens. I have so many finance stickers but I couldn’t resist this cute little sheet. It’s also nice to have finance stickers* with a £ on for a change!

I also received a lovely selection of freebies with this order.

New Hobo Weeks kits – Paperkay*

This was a new to me shop. I loved the hand drawn designs and so had to try a few! I also picked up boxes as you can never have enough.I love the designs of these kits and they’ve got everything I would need. The colours are bright, the cuts perfect and the freebies a nice touch. My only concern with using these in my Hobonichi is how thick the sticker paper is. If you used these kits every week your Weeks would get nice and chunky pretty quickly I think.

A shop I used to use for personal Filofax kits – The Ginger Cat Co*

I haven’t purchased from here in a while, but I decided to try some of their Weeks kits.

I had to try some of their simple Holo kits. I’m not a huge fan of foil but I like a bit now and then. The paper is nice and thin so there’s no concerns about bulking up the pages with these kits. These are really nice kits. I prefer the single sheet kit as I do like a good amount of white space on my pages. However, I don’t think using foil every week is for me sadly!

Giving a shop another go – Hello Petite Paper*

I’ve always loved the designs in this shop. The florals are beautiful. However, there was an issue with my last order a couple of years ago where some of the stickers were miscut that took quite a while to get sorted. Because of this, I didn’t make another purchase. As I was stocking up on new Weeks kits though, I decided to place another order. I like what’s included in these kits. This is the perfect amount of functional and decorative for my kind of planning.

The foil overlay freebie was nice. I think I’ll cut them down and use them in my Hobonichi Cousin. I didn’t have the same issue as my last order thankfully, so I’ll be adding to my collection from here soon!

Can’t remember if I’ve ordered from here before – Isabelle the Owl*

I’ve wanted to purchase from here before but Etsy’s search orders function is terrible, so I can’t be sure that I never have. Anyway I purchased a nice little haul of Weeks kits!  This is more foil, but it’s a lot more subtle on these kits. Mixed with the beautiful florals I absolutely love these kits. Sadly these only come as two sheet kits*. I know it’ll be too much deco for me, and so I’ll have lots of the stickers from the second sheet leftover. This will probably be the only thing stopping me from repurchasing more kits in the future.

Trying some new tabs – Josephine Bow Designs

I usually put my own tabs on my planners but I decided to try some new ones for 2020. After seeing them everywhere, I had to go for the super quite sparkly rainbow ones from Josephine Bow Designs*. Despite my failing to stick them on evenly, I really like these tabs*. I haven’t used the blue ones yet partly because I’ve realised I don’t like too much foil, and partly because I can’t decide if the tabs are damaged or not.  I don’t think you can tell from the picture but there’s fine scratches on the tabs. As I don’t use a lot of foil, I’ve no idea if it’s just a by product of the foiling process?

I should have enough stickers to keep me going for a while!

In 2020 I’d like to discover more new shops. In the above haul less than half were new to me shops. If you have recommendations for planner sticker shops I should try out, please leave me a comment below!