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February Papergang Review

Time for another Papergang box review!

This will be my last box review for a while as I’ve cancelled my subscription (more on that later).

The theme this month was fantastic. It’s all about looking after yourself. £1 from the sale of each box was also donated to ME Association. However, when I unpacked the box I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. Unfortunately this was the sum total of the contents.

First up was this notebook. I liked the sentiment on the front and the colour. Sadly, the inside aren’t really pages I’ll use. I already have more than enough planners and this isn’t really in my style. It also feels quite thin and cheap.

The next two items are cute, but pretty basic. Again, the style is nice but these aren’t exactly exciting items.

I absolutely loved the washi tape though. The sentiments are the same ones from the box and I can’t wait to use this in my planning.

Finally, there was a super cute patch. While I really like this, I’m not really a patch person, nor do I have anywhere to put this, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with it.

There was also the usual calendar postcard and booklet, along with an extra one, all about Tree Aid (another organisation Papergang supports).

Cancelling the box

This is a very big step change in style from last month’s box. While I do like the style of it (even though it’s not something I would personally pick out) I’m really disappointed in the contents. There can’t be more than £5 worth of items in here. Coupled with the fact that the only thing I’ll really use is the washi tape this wasn’t even close to worth the £14 I paid for the box.

I even tried selling this box on a Facebook group at a reduced price and couldn’t.

Out of the four months I’ve been subscribed to this box again I’ve liked two. Not liking the style is a risk you take when subscribing to any sort of box. However, this month it was more about thinking the items inside were cheap and not worth the money. Once a subscription box doesn’t meet the value expectations, it’s time to cancel.

I’d love to replace this with another subscription though, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments below.