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A Year of Kits for the Hobonichi Cousin & Weeks

Something a bit different today on the blog as it’s been a while since I’ve shared any shop updates

Last year I had the idea to create a set of monthly kits that cover the whole year. By matching up my existing kits to certain months by theme, I was able to put together a set that means you never have to worry about buying a monthly kit throughout the year.

It’s currently available for both the Cousin and the Weeks, with hopefully a set for the A6 planner coming soon!

I never put the month on my kits, so you have ultimate flexibility of when to use each kit. So while I’ve picked up the kits with a certain month in mind, there’s probably only two kits that really have to be used on their intended months. These are the New Year and Cosy Christmas kits.

The set is available here at a discounted price versus purchasing each kit individually. There’s also either free or reduced shipping depending on where you live!

Both the Cousin and Weeks style of kits have been tweaked over the years I’ve been selling them. I’m not big on overly decorative kits, so I try to strike a good balance between function and decor.

This set of kits has proven so popular I decided to go a bit further with the idea

I decided to release a ‘month of kits’ featuring one monthly kit, and four weekly kits with one for each month. Some of these kits also tie into the ones available in the year of kits.

Again, these come at a discount versus purchasing the kits separately.

As I don’t currently have 52 weekly kit styles in the shop, creating these new sets has given me a fantastic opportunity to create new kits. Sometimes these kits are exclusive to the set, such as the Valentines kits in the February set.

I always associate March with green, thanks to St Patrick’s Day.

The latest set to be released, April, has a focus on Easter.

I’m not religious, but I can’t wait to use these Easter kits in my planner! If you’re after Easter kits but don’t want the full set, you can find them available for all Hobonichi sizes here.

I’d love to create more ‘value packs’ like this

If there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know in the comments. A year of date flags perhaps? A whole year of weekly kits?!