Delfonics B5 Pouch Set Up

I’ve written about stationery pouches many times on here.

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There’s three main brands that I’ve tried over the years – Delfonics, Livework and Hobonichi.

Recently, I wanted to add an A5 sized pouch to my collection. Despite having a locker at work (pre-Covid, when I could work in my office) I wanted my bullet journal and stationery all kept together. As I’d loved every other Delfonics pouch I’d ever purchased, I had to go with the B5 size.

I got this beauty all set up and just a month later, I got sent to work from home.

At first, I thought this would mean this pouch would sit unused and unloved on a shelf. However, I quickly realised that this pouch would be more useful than ever.

Two things have kept me sane working from home these past two months.

Having a routine, and having a clear distinction between work time and home time.

Packing away my work things into the pouch, and moving the laptop off my desk each day has really helped me to not feel like work has overtaken. It’s really easy to not fully switch off when you’re working from home, and so anything you can do to change your workspace from ‘worktime’ to ‘hometime’ is invaluable.

The B5 actually has fewer exterior pockets than the medium version

I prefer this, as I find exterior pockets on a pouch you’re planning to carry around to be a pain.

delfonics b5 pouch front pockets

The front is where I tend to keep my stationery. The pen pocket fits the Hobonichi pen perfectly which is ideal as I colour code in my work bullet journal.

delfonics b5 pouch pens

I use Stabilo highlighters for work, but ones with clips would be better suited to this set up.

One of the front pockets has a velcro closure, and this is the ideal place to store business cards. I also keep a mini fan in here, because my office is boiling hot.

delfonics b5 pouch velcro pocket

The final front pocket is where I keep all other stationery – a ruler, eraser, and some clips.

There are two pockets at the back – one full size, ideal for paperwork and a smaller one underneath.

delfonics b5 back pocket

This pocket just stores the charger for my work phone.

Inside, it’s nice and simple

delfonics b5 pouch inside

The main pocket fits my Nuuna notebook perfectly with the two smaller pockets on one side housing sticky notes and my work phone.

delfonics b5 pouch inside

The velcro back pocket isn’t really used; but it’s a great place to store other papers, if needed.

This pouch was such a great purchase

The B5 pouch isn’t as widely available as some of the other Delfonics sizes. I was only able to find one listing on Etsy*, and one on Amazon*. This was about £33 including postage and given I use it pretty much every day, it’s definitely been worth it for me.

If only I could find a reason to need the A4 size*, I’d buy that one too!

Delfonics pouches are really well made. I’ve had no issues with any of the ones I’ve purchased. They’re a little trickier to get hold of and have to be ordered from Japan usually. But if you need some extra stationery storage, they’re ideal.

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