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Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Pocket Set Up

A quick post today talking all about the Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Pocket!

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Earlier in the year, Hobonichi had a sale on their drawer pouches, so I picked up two in the beautiful Pink Sparkle design.

I’ve just sold on the large pouch as it sadly wasn’t deep enough to hold my work bullet journal. My pocket though, is the perfect new purse for when I don’t need my Ane Pouch.

hobonichi drawer pouches together

Given I’ve not exactly been going out all that much (thanks Corona!) this pocket purse has been all I’ve used for the past few months. I can basically carry everything I need for trips out (excluding my phone and keys). I’ve just been tossing it in my bag, but thanks to the cute strap, you can carry it about on its own.

hobonichi drawer pouch pocket

The pouch is surprisingly roomy inside

It’s in an accordion style, like the other Hobonichi pouches, with four internal pockets.

hobonichi drawer pouch pocket open

The two pockets at either side are card pocket sized, but roomy. I use these to split out my cards – one side has things like bank cards and my ID; the other has any other cards I’ll need (basically my work discount card).

hobonichi drawer pouch pocket open

The larger internal pockets I have split into two different sections. One side is my for my headphones, that I hold together with a small Oli Clip*.

small Oli Clip

In the other side I have a selection toiletry/health items I might need while I’m out.

Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Pocket Set Up

In here I have pain killers, a spare contact lense, eye drops, hair brush, plasters, lip balm and perfume.

To complete this pouch, there’s a pocket on the outside, too.

This is generally kept empty, but will be handy when I go back to the office for my access card.

Hobonichi Drawer Pouch Pocket Set Up

I’m so glad I purchased this little pouch.

Sadly this design is no longer available on the Hobonichi website, but you can still pick it up on Etsy*.

In my 2021 Hobonichi order, I’m going to pick up the Drawer Pouch Dangle to hold the pocket when I’m out.

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